noise music pt.6: fast attack, slow decay
noise music pt.5: building the future
noise music pt.4: singing tractors
noise music pt.3: cars
Insect Dub
noise music pt.2: cooling systems(organ sketches)
noise music
Windy EP (Changing Weather Pt. 2)
Landscape with Birds
Směšnost (laughter therapy)
Changing Weather
Artificial Glossolalia: Machine Chant
fake randomness
březen-květen 2020: Ovčí techno, INI Project
12.3.-5.7.2020: Být sněný, Galerie města Pardubic
Three Pieces for Special Hearing
5.11.2019, 19:30: NoD, Praha
7.4.2019, 20:00: Punctum-Krásova, Praha
přechodné zóny 8
hypersonic landscapes